~Braids have been a staple in the world of hairdressing for years...and are among my persoanl favs!  The hottest trends today include some sort of braid...from fishtail braids to french braids...Braids are here to stay!


~Why the rave?  Read what Urban Agenda Magazine wrote about the Braid Bar scene in NY!




Wondreing when you would scheudle for a braid?

Going out for girls night? Going out for date night? Attending a work event? Theses are all occasions great for trendy or classic braids!

How does it work?

At the time of appointment make sure hair is blow dried, perhaps pre-curled and ready to style.  

You'll be in and out of the salon within 20-30 minutes and ready to hit the town!


Braided Style:  $20+

(depends on the difficulty of braid)

Add Ons:

Curled Hair  $10+

Flat Ironed Hair  $10+

(depends on length and thickness of hair)

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