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The Inside Story On Braid Bars! And Where To Get A Braid In Spokane Washington!

Similar to Blow Out Bars, Braid Bars share the same concept-quick, easy and fabulous! You're in and out of the salon within 20 minutes leaving with an amazing braided style. The reason why they've gained so much popularity is because not everyone can braid their hair and as fashion trends are showing... braids are extremely versatile ranging from classic to edgy! Essentially there is a braided hairstyle for everyone and every occasion! Lets just say Braids can accommodate!

With New York's fashion forward mindset Braid Bars have gained popularity among NYC's fashionistas and are popping up everywhere! BirchBox Soho offers a $30 braid in 30 minutes where as John Barrett's salon on 5th Ave offers a variety of braided services starting at $50. To make things even better certain braided hairstyles can last 2 or more days depending on how you care for them. Sleeping with a silk scarf is recommended. Some salons offer a menu where certain looks have a the Tyra or the Katie...where as other salons hand the client a book filled with celebrity braided styles.

So who is the Braid Bar for? If your headed to an event after work Braid Bars are a great option! If your going out with girlfriends or going on a date... schedule a braid! Or if you know your headed for a busy week at home or work and want a style that will last 2 days, grab yourself a silk scarf and head to the Braid Bar! The possibilities are endless!

Heather Schmick ~your hair and bridal stylist, has a booth rent station located at Kiss and Makeup Salon Beauty and Bridal Boutique-227 W. Riverside Spokane Wa 99201. Myself, stylist Heather Schmick, offers a varirty of 'on the go' braids! I will have images to choose from and your more than welcome to bring your own photos too! Hair should be clean and blow dried. Appointments last around 20 minutes. See you Soon!

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