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What Hairstyles are Trending for 2016 Wedding Season?

As a bridal stylist its important to stay current on whats trending especially when weddings are involved. I feel this way for two reasons: weddings are a valued milestone in ones life and secondly, new looks may require hairdressers to learn new skill sets. I am halfway through 2016's peak wedding season and so far I would have to say that MESSY EVERYTHING is trending, All Day Every Day! Buns, braids, curls-you name it, ALL MESSY! Stepping back from 'perfectly polished' to 'perfectly imperfect'-todays trending updos can be challanging at times but non the less a challange that I LOVE! To get a better understanding of what I am talking about, Ive posted the top three pinterest pictures that have been bridal favorites this bridal season. Enjoy and EMBRACE MESSY HAIR! #messyhairdontcare

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